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Wet N Wild Limited Edition Flora Set Review and Photos

Written by Valerie Vanity, 3 years ago, Comments
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Wet N Wild’s Limited Edition Flora Set ($4.99 most drugstores) is a limited edition gift set with four pieces, a Color Icon Palette in Flora, A Color Icon Blusher in Mellow Wine, a Glassy Gloss Lip Gel in Mow the Glass, and A Fast Dry Nail Color in Twining Vines. This set if very bright and colorful, very unique for something found in a drugstore, and so cheap! The blusher and the Glassy Gloss Lip Gel are part of the permanent lines, so they are for sure still available!

I ran into a display of these at Rite Aid about 3 weeks ago and sort of died inside. I was positive they were sold out everywhere and since they are limited edition, when they’re gone, they’re gone! I already had a nail polish in my hand and ditched it for one if the sets. Here’s a quick PSA about my fiancee. Since I’m a stay at home,  my dude controls all cash flow, and I try to help by not buying things without consulting him first. He told me to grab a polish, so when I saw this set I was like “PLEASE!” and of course he said go ahead. This was the set I picked and while in the check out line, he was like “Go grab the other so you have both” (he REALLY supports my blog). Well as we were ringing everything up, we discover they were all HALF OFF. So $2.50. I’m not going to tell you the next part, but you should stay tuned for something really exciting in the next couple of weeks :)

As always, click on the pictures to expand. Do it to the polish ones at least!

I’ll start with photos of everything and review them at the bottom!

Fast Dry Nail Color in Twining Vines

Action Shot!

I have to apologize, but these photos are after 4 days of wear. I guess it’s cool you can see how the polish held up. I had forgotten to take shots after I applied it! I’m in the middle of swatching a MILLION nail colors and my poor hands hate me, so this is all I got for now!

Twining Vines, 4 days of wear and 1 broken nail, indoors and no flash

Color Icon Palette in Flora

Color Icon Flora Palette, 3 swipes of each color no base, with flash

Color Icon Blusher in Mellow Wine

Color Icon Blusher in Mellow Wine, with flash (check out the gold-ish shimmer!)

Color Icon Blusher in Mellow Wine, 3 swipes, blended out on the left, with flash

Glassy Gloss Lip Gel in Mow the Glass

Glassy Gloss Lip Gel in Mow the Glass

Glass Gloss Lip Gel in Mow the Glass, flash

Wet N Wild Flora Palette on eyes, Mellow Wine Blusher lightly on the cheeks, and Mow The Glass Lip Gel

Fast Dry Nail Color in Twining Vines is a semi-sheer, green and yellow shimmer. This color is gorgeous. The yellow shimmer really pops in the nail and this a very spring shade. Because of the sheerness, you need to do about 3 coats for full opacity. Also worth noting, this isn’t a shade where you can play with the thickness of the coats (like instead of 3 light/normal coats, just 2 thick coats) because you will have major pooling along the outside of the nail. I got 4 days before there was significant tip wear on my dominant hand which holds true to the line.

Color Icon Palette in Flora has 3 shades, and they’re printed with the spot you are supposed to use them. The highlight or browbone shade is a very light, crisp, apple green with fine yellow shimmer. This definitely is not your average highlight shade. I used as a highlight/transition shade when I tested the colors and it is very sheer. This was one of the most powdery of the shades I tested, when you go into the pan you kick up a lot of excess, so be careful for fall out. The crease shade is a medium green with subtle yellow shimmer. This shade reminds me of grass. This was the most pigmented out of the three. I had to work to not over do it. This was also a little on the powdery side, but better than the brow bone shade. I did notice some creasing in this even with a base, after about 3 hours or so. The third and final shade is a bright, matte orange. I loved and hated this color. The color is beautiful, but applies very unevenly so you can easily get a lot of patches. It is also not very pigmented, so I layered it with a white base in the full face photo. I love how unexpected this color is for a drugstore and I loved looking at it while it was on.

Color Icon Blusher in Mellow Wine is a really warm, almost coral pink with very subtle gold glitter. The glitter is very small and sparse and you really only notice it in the pan, but when you swatch it you can see it if you look real close. I was pretty impressed with this product. The color is easily buildable and doesn’t take a lot of fuss to blend. The color is  really universally flattering and a really nice warm shade for the summer time. The best part? I got 9 count it, NINE hours of wear on this. I couldn’t believe it made it through me laying on my dudes shoulder through the Avengers, but it did! The only two issues I had with this is that it’s a little too finely milled, so when you sweep your brush across it you kick up a lot of extra powder that you won’t use. Also the packaging is a pain, for a large blush brush, you have to sweep it longways, which I feel doesn’t get powder evenly on the whole brush. If you do circular motions the edges of the packaging sort of knock off some of the color. Still, at this price and with how impressive the wear is, you can totally justify a little extra work. This is part of the permanent line of Color Icon Blushers, so go snag it!

Glassy Gloss Lip Gel in Mow the Glass is a sheer watermelon pink shade, that pretty much applies clear. It is extremely shiny, so it doesn’t wear for very long. This would be something you would want to take in your purse with you on your way out the door. There is a slight fruity/berry scent that isn’t noticeable when worn. This is pretty much your standard issue gloss. This is also part of the permanent Glassy Gloss line.

Overall I was really impressed with this set. At $5 it’s a steal. I mean, I would pay $5 just for the palette (the normal price for the Color Icon Palettes is about $3.99) but you also get a polish, blush, and gloss. If you can find this, GRAB IT If not, you should keep an eye on my blog 😉


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