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Mirabella Beauty Magic Marker Eyeliners for Spring Review and Swatches

Written by Valerie Vanity, 3 years ago, Comments
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Mirabella Beauty announces the launch of new Magic Marker Eyeliners in dramatic blue (Blue Streak), jade (So Jaded), and gray (Gray Scale) hues for spring! With a smudge-resistant formula, this long-wearing liquid liner pen features a thin, marker-like tip that easily creates a defined line of rich, intense color. ‘The original Magic Marker in Very Black  is one of the brand’s bestselling products, which is why we decided to expand the color range for spring,’ explains Amber Bowen, Mirabella Creative Director. ‘The precision tip pen provides smooth and controlled application every time, with constant color dispersion, so it’s easy to create precise lines for a flawless look. With three hues perfect for spring, Blue Streak and So Jaded will add bright and bold pops of color, while Gray Scale offers a more neutral palette with a uniquely softer take on traditional black liner,’ adds Bowen.”

Magic Marker Eyeliner features a quick-drying formula and a smooth application without skipping, smudging, or pulling. Glycerin attracts moisture to the skin for a gleaming finish, while sodium hydroxide helps to keep the skin at an ideal PH balance for the delicate eye area.

These three shades really pop, not just color wise, they have completely changed the way I feel about marker-style liquid liner applicators! The packaging is sleek and elegant, with a mirrored silver finish. Finger prints do show up on them pretty quickly, but you don’t notice them as much as you would on say, some matte black packaging. The liners feel very light in your hand, lighter than any liners I currently own.

I was expecting to not be thrilled by these guys come application time. I have a deep seated hate/fear thing of the marker style liner applicators. They always lay down to thick of a line for me and I feel as though they dry out extremely easy, leading you to need to replace the cap and let them sit for a while (usually upside down). Not the case with the Mirabella Markers. The tip of the applicators was very small and precise, but did taper down to a thicker base so you can sort of choose how wide of a line you want to lay down.

Blue Streak- a super vibrant, bold blue. This one applied the most opaque for me, and the most fluid. I had zero trouble applying this and because of the fluidity, was able to create a fool proof little flick at the end of my liner (I suck at those).

So Jaded- jade green. This is a very herby, kind of sage colored green and I quite like it. Green liner sounds harder to pull off than it really is, this paired with a really natural eye looks stunning.

Gray Scale- slate gray. This performed the worst, but was my favorite out of all of the shades. To me this is the most universal liner in the bunch. I found that this ones formula was more sheer than the others, and had to go over some areas of my application, but it wasn’t bothersome at all, just sort of how I expect liners like this to perform. BUT I LOVE THE SHADE. From a makeup artists perspective this is a real gem. If you are new to makeup, don’t like the drama black provides, or are a little older (and bored of brown!) gray is the PERFECT option. This provided just enough smoky-ness to look pulled together and was understated, but still the star. I see this working well with a very bold lip, or any look where you just don’t want the eyes to look overdone, but where brown isn’t an option. It’s just so refreshing looking to me.

The product was also very fluid AND opaque. In the case of Blue Streak and So Jaded, I didn’t need to go over any areas of my liner to pack on more color, one sweep was enough. In Gray Scale’s case, I had to go over some areas a second time to really get a solid gray line down. I take a very long time doing my eyeliner and am happy to report that these did not dry out on me! And bonus points to Gray Scale, I don’t know how long it was like this but I discovered it on the floor, cap off, near some of my sons toys. I freaked out, tested it, bone dry. Put the cap on and the next day tested it again, and it worked as if nothing happened! I thought it was a goner….

I got 7 hours of wear out of these before noticeable fading.

I really loved these liners, the colors are great for the upcoming spring and I just really like using Gray Scale instead of a classic black liner, especially in the case of hazel eyes.

Magic Marker Eyeliners in Blue Streak, So Jaded, and Gray Scale will be available beginning of February 2013 for $24 each at www.mirabellabeauty.com

Mirabella Beauty is the leading line of cosmetics used by salon and spa professionals, offering high-quality, mineral based prestige cosmetics that are talc-free and paraben free. With over 200 contemporary products for the face, eyes,, and lips, as well as professional tools, Mirabella is best known for its wide range of shades with modern colors, quality formulas, the use of innovative technology, and a strong emphasis on education. 

This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by the brand or its PR firm.

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  1. Krystal S. says:

    Those look awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Angelica says:

    Blue Streak is so vibrant! Love it.

  3. steenacakez says:

    I really like the grey one!

  4. The grey looks sooooo nice with just neutral everyday makeup. Love it!

  5. Ashley F says:

    I want these, I like matte eyeliners!