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Wet N Wild Fergie Nail Color Collection Review and Swatches Part One

Written by Valerie Vanity, 3 years ago, Comments
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“Rock all sides of  The Dutchess from flossy to fierce in Fergified shades! 24 stunning shades specially developed in partnership with global superstar and pop culture icon Fergie. This exclusive collection is a reflection of the singer’s versatility, with looks ranging from rock-star glam to phunky hip to viciously edgy. Each on-trend shade embodies Fergie’s experimental style, specially formulated with glitters, confetti, chromes, metallics, and exclusive neon pigments that offer endless nail design creations.”

Wet N Wild Fergie Nail Color ($3.39 for .42 fl oz, available at drugstore.com) is a relatively new addition to the brands line of nail polishes and for the most part they do not disappoint! Check below for the first half of my review and swatches of the line!

The Wet N Wild Fergie polishes come with .42 fl oz of product, which is a small amount less than the Fast Dry Formula, but I feel like they make up for the increased price ($3.49 as opposed to $1.99) with a neater color range. The bottles feel nice in your hand, slightly hefty. I really like the length of the handle, I feel like shorter ones make it a little harder to see what you’re doing and longer ones make it harder to control.

I wasn’t initially stoked on the brushes for these. They are very short, fat, and almost square (they have a slight slanted edge to them). It took a bit of a learning curve, but I quickly got used to the brush and actually quite like it, it covers my whole nail in one sweep, which is awesome. It deposits just enough polish without you having to wipe the brush off too much.

Grammy Gold- metallic, true-gold foil. This one is a show stopper. I’ve had quite a few gold polishes over the last two years I’ve been into it, but never a foil and never one that literally looks like liquid gold on the nail. This would be an A+ shade for me if there was a little less silver, but that is honestly me just being nitpicky. This flowed very nicely over the nail, and was opaque in one coat, but of course I threw another one on there anyway. This one looks stellar paired with brown (I used it as an accent nail for a manicure with China Glaze’s Mahogany Magic.) Definitely top 5 of the ones I grabbed.

Rock N Roll- is a sheer dark grey and silver glitter topcoat with medium sized holo hex glitter. A little underwhelming on it’s own, this one really shines when layered. I am excited to try this over black, or maybe one with silver sparkle like Orly’s Rockstar….The formula was nice and average, it spread well and was a pain to remove (as expected!).

Mermaid Curves– sheer teal jelly with small, medium, and large blue, green, and gold glitter. Some of the glitter appears to be hexagonal, some of it is square, giving this almost a glass-fleck style appearance. This jelly is very sheer and the teal base doesn’t really build up very much with multiple coats (I gave up at 5), but it is still a stunning polish and will be at its best when layered.

Glowstick- fluorescent green with heavy yellow shimmer. Jaw dropping. This one is so bright and such a statement shade. This color was on the thicker side and because of that could benefit from you letting each coat dry in between applications. Two coats what just barely not enough, so I think in the future I will be layering this over one coat of white so that I can have a nice, even, and opaque coat without the fuss of waiting it to dry all the way. Another one of my top 5 shades in the collection so far.

Heels of Steel- gunmetal grey foil. A little sheerer, probably a 3-4 coater, you can see some balding above with two coats. I liked this one, but it’s not terrible unique. This does look fantastic layered with Rock N Roll. You might be able to find a cheaper version out there somewhere, but this isn’t a bad staple to have.

Take The Stage- vibrant grape micro and medium silver hex glitters in a clear base. Sort of your run of the mill glitter top coat. Above two coats are shown. I can’t say I’ve seen this exact pairing before, but it still doesn’t scream unique to me. I like the addition of the silver glitter, kind of ups the ante here. This spread nicely and for the most part the glitter was distributed over the nail nicely. I did notice that it was a little difficult to get a consistent amount of silver glitter (you can see my pinky didn’t get any), so I would suggest you try placing some hex pieces initially, then try to smooth out the purple glitter.

Glamorous- medium and small gold hex glitter in a clear base. LOVE THIS ONE. I have this layered with Grammy Gold on my toes right now. Love love love it. I don’t have any gold glitters in my collection yet and this one is such a nice one to have. I feel like it’s…classy? The small gold glitter definitely gives it a more delicate touch. This spread nicely and I was pretty satisfied with how the brush dispersed the glitter on this one. One of my top 5’s.


Hollywood Walk of Fame- large multicolored stars, silver holo bar, and small holo square glitter in a clear base. I see teal, silver, gold, purple, and fuchsia stars. A finicky shade! This is a bit harder than other glitter top coats that are similar, because of the star shape, I found the stars getting stuck in the brush and were a pain to get onto the nail. I do like the overall effect of this one, though I want more of the really small glitter in there. I will more than likely be using this one as by hand placing the starts using a dotting tool or toothpick. Not essential but a cool one to have.


I was satisfied with this collection on the whole. I feel like Wet N Wild copped out on some of the shades (Mermaid Curves is EXTREMELY similar to Happy Holidaze! from the Party Rocks collection), but they’re all nice. If I had to pick three to grab it would definitely be Grammy Gold, Glamorous, and Glowstick.

Do you have any of these shades? How do you feel about ’em!?


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  1. Amanda Vance says:

    I love how glowstick looks! I’ve always had a hard time finding a nice lime green color.

  2. Angelica says:

    I recently picked up Grammy Gold and I love it, plus the brush makes application so easy! Your combination of the lime and the star glitter is adorable.

  3. Alyssa says:

    I bet you could pour loose glitter into the jar of Walk of Fame to make it more glittery. I agree that the stars are fabulous, but it needs more to make up for the sparsity! I will definitely be picking up Glowstick and Walk of Fame. (And I’m gonna try to add my own glitter into WoF. Yay!)

  4. Great idea! I need to soon delve into the world of franken polishes and I think that’d be a great way to start!

  5. brand says:

    wow, thanks for the awesome article. good job on this one